Year 2


Debden Camping Visit 

Year 2 had the most amazing camping adventure in Debden. The children got to experience the great outdoors, climbing trees, orienteering, barbecuing food, eating alfresco and  practising their rolly-polly skills down a hill! All who came fully participated in the whole experience. The teachers were super proud of them. In the evening every sat around the camp fire toasting marshmallows whilst the teachers told spooky stories, before settling down for the night.

Emirates Aviation Experience & Greenwich Cable Cars

Year Two visited the Emirates Aviation Experience to learn all about the world of modern commercial aviation! We learned about the important people in the history of aviation and even got to sit in a flight simulator. Afterwards, we took a round trip on the Greenwich Cable Cars so that children were given the opportunity to see a bird’s eye view of London.

Tower of London

Year Two explored over a thousand years of history at the Tower of London! The children were able to see the crown jewels up close after learning about the Monarchy in History. We saw ancient suits of armour, the Queen’s guards marching, and we even met a real knight who taught us all about life in 1066! ​