December 2019

​The Reception classes visited the local pet shop and fishmongers. At the pet shop children were in awe of the variety of the fish and were able to use language to describe them. Many children tried to search for the Rainbow Fish relating to our focus book. The children also had the opportunity to purchase gold fish for class. Following on, the children visited the fishmongers and were able to compare the similarities and differences between living and non-living fish.

The fishmongers showed the children the different types of fish and kindly gave each class a fish which could was used as a talking tool in school.


In Reception we discovered that a chair was broken and we worked together to fix it. We tested out our ideas and persisted until we found a solution. We demonstrated our ‘Learning Powers’ by persevering and having ago.


Colchester Zoo

The Reception classes visited Colchester Zoo on the 2nd of May. At the zoo they had a wonderful opportunity to feed the elephants and giraffes. Some children were very brave! The children explored the many animals at the zoo and learnt about their habitats, the way they move and what they like to eat. Some children even got the opportunity to mingle with the animals in their environment. The children had a fantastic time and they learnt many things!