Pupil Premium

Use of Pupil Premium 2019-2020
There are currently 41 Pupil premium pupil on roll (*tbc/subject to change). The school has been allocated £68,000 to be used between April 2019-March 2020.
This is based on the number of children who receive or have historically received free school meals or who are ‘Looked After.’ The school will use the money in the following way
Funds used for Explanation Intended Impact
1.1 A bespoke Wave 3 intervention teacher
As well as having skilled TAs across the school trained in delivering both ‘Thrive’ and ‘Wave 3’. We have employed a bespoke Wave 3 intervention teacher to target our Pupil Premium children in small groups. Phonics and Literacy intervention groups will also target and assist groups to raise the attainment of children and to raise the percentage of children passing the phonics screening check.
Ongoing CPD for English, phonics and Mathematics will be implemented throughout the year and will be monitored half termly.
-There should be no significant gap in attainment between ‘pupil premium’ and ‘non pupil premium’ children .A higher expectation of children passing the phonics screening check
1.2 Family Support Worker
Targeted support around family well-being and attendance. -Barriers to learning reduced
-Family supporting School and child’s learning
1.3 Speech and Language Therapist for 2 days a week. £14,000 Therapists will see children who may not be picked up by the NHS service.
Children will be seen in school time so attendance will be regular and there is no disruption to attendance.
School based training for staff to run intervention groups.
-Children’s speech, vocabulary and language structures are improved leading to improved access to learning.
Improved comprehension skills leading to higher attainment at the end of Key Stage 1.
1.4 Music Therapist for two days a week
To work with children to support and develop communication skills, social understanding and emotional expression. -To support the development of emotional regulation and communication necessary for learning.
1.5 Early Help
To target Early intervention and support for families identified as needing additional support. -To diminish the difference and to raise attainment whilst supporting emotional well-being.
1.6 Educational Visits
To enable all pupils to participate in educational visits To diminish the difference and to raise attainment for our most vulnerable children