PE and Sports Premium

Use of Sports Premium 2019-2020
Academic year 19/20 = £7329
Details of action to be taken: Lead responsibility Resource implications Monitoring arrangements, timeline and outcome. Impact
Actions Aims this year
1.1 To continue to support all teachers with the planning and teaching of PE  across the school through:
Team teaching with PA
CPD training
Additional coaches (Zumba, Ballet,)
RC 2 terms:
Zumba coach – £1,600 (2hr per week) Reception
1 term:
Ballet coach – £1,600 (2 term – 2hr per week) Year 1
Other Coaches to be added in at a later date during the year.
Monitored termly by RC Will support teachers in becoming much more confident in the delivery and variation of PE lessons.
Team-teaching will enable teachers to have more ideas about what outstanding PE lessons should look like, how to organise lessons effectively and how to use resources effectively.
1.2 Continue to develop links with other schools and outside sporting organisations to arrange competitions.
Termly meetings with PE coordinators from Newham North Learning Partnership to discuss and organise tournaments.
RC Time for RC to organise competitions.
Monitored by RC CB Increased opportunity for physical activity. Pupils develop confidence and skills at competition level.
1.3 To continue to offer a wide range of after school clubs- Yoga, football and multi-skills RC CB Football coach after school club on Monday.
Multi-skills coach after school club on Thursday
Price incl in total-(£55 per session)-2 terms = £1540
Monitored by RC & CB Sporting ability will improve. Pupils get to experience a wide range of sports in a safe and supportive environment. These opportunities may not always be available to them outside of school.
Support with behaviour management.
Develop teamwork and leadership skills.
Boost pupil confidence.
1.4 Continue with our annual sports day inclusive of all pupils. (Years R-2 –Magpie Park)
Additional sports day for Nursery pupils organised on site.
RC Resources for event sourced – £300 RC Opportunities to use skills learnt in PE sessions, lunchtime clubs and after school clubs.
1.5 Promoting sporting activities within the school, to the parents/ guardians and the wider community via local media. (newsletter, school website, Newham Mag etc) RC CB
Whole school
Ongoing- Time to update website and organise information for newsletters.
Ongoing monitoring Increase involvement.
Strengthen links with the wider community.
1.6 Rejuvenate outside play areas following the removal of galleon and boat. RC CB Resources for play areas £1890 Ongoing.  Monitored  by RC & CB Sporting ability will improve. Pupils get to experience a wide range of sports in a safe and supportive environment.
Boost pupil confidence