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Things to do at home

Keep Promoting a Love of Reading at Home

#EYPictureBookClub – Please do come and link up with us and share the ideas with your families. We hope that it helps to encourage playful ideas for home learning that involve fun and family time, promoting connection too – and a LOVE of PICTURE BOOKS!

This month our book is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.

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Year 1

Learning activities to do at home

Year 2

Literacy & Maths | Science | History | Design & Technology

Activities for All

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Science activitiesLiteracyPEPSHEGeneralREMusicBitesizeVE DayVirtual ZooWorld Environment DayBLMKeys skills to practise in Summer

Science activities to do at home – please email the school any work you’d like to share with the class
teachers and we will also upload your work on to the school website.

Dear parents and carers,
In order to access the suggested activities, you will need to set up a ‘Free Twinkl account’ – just Google
Twinkl and you will find the link. All you need to do is provide a valid email, then choose a password and
when asked what is your occupation you need to select ‘Home educator’ then you will be able to access
the activities.

Science Experiments (Making a Volcano, Shiny Coins, Soapy Froth, Runaway Pepper)
How to grow a rainbow
How to Make an Egg Float
Melt the Ice!
Fizzy Colours
Cornflour Slime

New Literacy Booklets

Please find suggested reading lists for your child’s age group.

Book list 3 – 5 years old
Book list 5 – 7 years old
Book list 7-9 years old

Dear Parents and Carers, ​the following link provides access to a range of Letters and Sounds You tube videos to support your children with phonics at home.

Literacy Packs

Young writers

Introducing Write to Unite.

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Dear Parents & Carers,

We would like to encourage you to get your children doing the daily mile while at home. Please read the following documents as a guide of how to complete the daily mile and why it is important. In addition to this it is vital that your children go out daily for fresh air and exercise,  this is not only good for their physical needs but also for their emotional well-being. Keep healthy and be as active as possible.

At Odessa every teacher uses the PE Hub to plan physical activity lessons – please click on the link to access the Portal for Parents for some activities to do with your children.

Please get your children involved in some Cosmic Yoga sessions – you can access some sessions on YouTube by clicking on the link.

Emotional Wellbeing (PSHE)

Dear all,

Please click on the link below to access some assemblies based on well-being and feeling good. The Oak National Academy host assemblies to share inspirational speakers and think about some of the wider things affecting us.


Dear Parents & Carers,

The week is mental health awareness week (18th of May) and the theme is kindness which is very appropriate for these unprecedented times we find ourselves in. Please click on the link below to find out more and also find some activity suggestions in the document.


Kindness activity ideas

We know that all of our children will have their own worries and questions about the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some resources for parents and carers to help support your children’s emotional wellbeing.

Emerging Minds – information on how to support children with worries and anxiety. It also contains a link to comprehensive and I think well written advice for parents/carers.

Covibook – A short story about the coronavirus aimed at supporting and reassuring children aged up to 7 years old (available in several languages).

BBC Bitesize will be providing material for KS1 around Emotional Wellbeing. (Starting in April​)

NSPCC Learning – Books for children who are worried or anxious.

The government guidance for parents on how to support children’s mental health

Tate Kids – creativity is good for all of our mental health.

Wild Schools City of London

Activity ideas using reclaimed everyday items and natural materials.

Stay active with Premier Education – Mon 13 Apr – Fri 17 Apr 2020 (Easter Fun)

Free celebrity classes for kids (Music, Maths, English…etc.)


As you are aware Eid will be being celebrated by many of families this coming weekend. Please use the below links to find out more information about Eid. The videos are pitched at young children. The below documents have suggested activities to do to mark Eid. We usually come together for assemblies to celebrate cultural events such as Eid, but unfortunately at this time we unable to do so.  In light of this please be sure to share your child’s creations with us by emailing photographs to our school email. Eid Mubarak to all.

Ramadan Activities

Can you research with your family why Ramadan is important to Muslims. You could make a leaflet about Ramadan.

Design an Eid outfit – make it as fancy as you can!

If you are celebrating Ramadan or would like to mark it as well – why not search up how make Iftar and make it with your family.

Design a prayer mat.

Make a mosque using junk materials, such as cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes and yoghurt pots – be as creative as you like.

If you are marking Ramadan – make a quiet, cosy corner in the house or your bedroom to recite your holy book

Write a letter to your friend/family explaining what Ramadan is and what you like about it.


Click on the following link to view a range of songs and activities for your children to access online through Out of The Art Music at home.



Daily lessons – click to view


VE Day 8th May 2020 – 75th Anniversary


Virtual Zoo

Dear parents and carers,

Please explore Chester Zoo online for a virtue visit with your children by clicking the link below. Ask them what their favourite zoom animal is and why it is their favourite. You could ask them to draw and write some facts about their favourite animal as well. Please send in their work and we will share it on the website.



World Environment Day

Pleas eclick on the link to view the VED presentation.


Black Lives Matter

Dear all,
We are deeply saddened by the unlawful killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 25th of May 2020 and we fully condemn all mistreatment of black lives, hate crime and all acts of racism in our society, our community and our world.

Black Lives Matter everyday
There are no words to describe the unlawful killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 25th of May 2020 and we fully condemn all mistreatment of black lives, hate crime and all acts of racism in our society, our community and our world.

Black Lives Matter everyday
We would like you to join us in educating ourselves and our children about equality. To end such events and racism we must join together in solidarity as a whole community. We need to talk to our children and educate them to raise them to be respectful citizens for the world.

We have an assembly powerpoint , reading resources and activities for you to share with your child/children. There are some stories that you can access using a scan code – you can download a scanning code app on most mobile devices and then you can scan the code and listen to the stories.

KS1 Assembly
KS1 – Standing up for other people
BAME books
BML – books
A Parent’s Guide to BLM
Make your own poster about BLM



Odessa Pupils get Creative

Please click on the thumbnails to view children’s work.


What a ‘Creative Chameleon’ you are – your dream house looks fabulous. You must have taken your time creating this well made model. You made your teacher very happy by making her a birthday card – thank you!


What fantastic Maths work – you are a true ‘Go for it Gorilla’ well done”

What a  fantastic volcano! A great way to experiment with different liquids and I wonder if anyone knows what made the volcano explode? Well done – you are both ‘Go for it Gorillas’ indeed.

Thank you for sharing your experience at Colchester Zoo. You’ve been a ‘Slinky, Linky Snake’ connecting your experiences to the links to Chester Zoo on the website.

You are a ‘concentrating crocodile’ making a complicated 3D model, using scissors to cut out shapes and creating some very neat work. Well done!

Araf you have draw some fantastic vehicles, there is a lot of attention to detail in you artwork. You are a ‘Concentrating Crocodile’ – the colours you used made your drawings very eye catching.

Usman you have been a ‘Go for it Gorilla’ creating lots of lovely drawings and practising your writing. Well done!

Great to see your family getting creative in the kitchen – looks delicious!


Well done – you are both ‘Concentrating Crocodiles’ what lovely neat work you are producing! You both make us very ‘Proud Peacocks’

What a wonderful piece of writing that expresses yours feelings clearly. Wow, fantastic 3D modelling – you are a truly  ‘Creative Chameleon’. Can anyone guess what the building is?


Some very neat work – you are a ‘Concentrating Crocodile’ indeed – well done.


Sabiha has been a real ‘Creative Chameleon’ – what a lovely range of artwork. The portrait is impressive and the tree house looks like a wonderful place to have an adventure.

Adam used his imagination brilliantly to paint some fierce creatures. Well done you are a true ‘Creative Chameleon’ indeed’ The crocodile looks very snappy!

What a ‘Creative Chameleon’ you are – so many lovely pieces of work. You have taken your time on each piece demonstrating that you are also a ‘Concentrating Crocodile’. Well done.

Great drawings. The variety of transport is fantastic – the train has a fantastic design.

Azra is a truly ‘Creative Chameleon’ look at the different ways she has used pencils, felt tips and paint to draw houses. Good use of bold lines to enhance details.

Amelia well done on practising your drawing skills – very good control. The chick hatching out of the egg has a lot of character.

Well done to Umaijah – you have been a ‘Concentrating Crocodile’ perfecting the way you draw people. Also, the ducks are super cute!

Here is one ‘Persevering Parrot’ using acrylic paints to create some wonderful pieces of artwork. We do have some budding artists in the making. Take a close look at the detail in the paintings, what can you see?