Pupil Premium

Schools are allocated additional funding for pupils who are eligible for free school meals or who are ‘Looked After’ by the Local Authority. In addition, schools receive additional funding for children of parents serving in the armed forces. These additional funds are called the Pupil Premium.

At Odessa Infant School we use the following principles as guidance in the expenditure of the pupil premium.

  • All pupils are entitled to a broad, rich curriculum and we will provide opportunities for all children to take part in a wide range of enrichment activities.
  • We want all our children to develop confidence, achieve well and make good progress.
  • We aim to meet the needs of socially disadvantaged groups of children.
  • We recognise that not all children who are socially disadvantaged qualify for free school meals. We will, where necessary, allocate funding to support children who have been identified as vulnerable or disadvantaged.
    The funds are intended to narrow the gap in achievement of those children who are seen to be disadvantaged and are used in the following ways –
  • To employ extra staff to provide smaller group or individual work to overcome gaps in learning.
  • To provide speech and language therapy
  • To provide music therapy
  • To employ a full time Family Support Worker
  • To provide a range of enrichment activities such as visiting musicians and theatre groups and trips to concerts/theatres and places of interest.
  • To provide subsidy for breakfast/after school club or after school activities where necessary.

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