At Odessa, we are committed to the inclusion of children with special educational needs and fully support Newham Council’s policy on Inclusive Education.

We have a number of children who are assessed as having special educational needs and are proud of the shared vision created by parents/carers/staff and other agencies for their teaching and learning.

Extra support is given to children who need it, either by school support staff or by specialists and outside agencies. This will be within the classroom except when individual or group work may be better done separately.

Where necessary, children will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to provide them with specific, achievable targets for their learning.

All teaching and play areas have access for wheelchairs and we have a toilet and shower room suitable for children with physical disabilities.

Some of our children are involved in our Rock ‘n’ Roll session, which is a form of intensive interaction that promotes language acquisition and turn taking as well as confidence and self-esteem.