The Governing Body includes four parent representatives whose office lasts for four years.

When a parent retires from office elections are held.  Children are given letters and information about nominations and elections when an election needs to be held.

Name Type of Governor Term of Office Ends Role Employment / Business or Pecuniary Interest Related to Odessa Staff or Governor? Attendance
Genevieve Appiah Co-opted January ‘19 Vice-Chair / from January 2016 / Numeracy Customer Service No 84%
Waheed Khan Parent January ‘16
Vice-chair until January 2016 / Literacy & Numeracy Police / Law No 67%
Shopna Begum Resigned          
Audrey Moeller Parent December ‘18 Chair from January 2016 / Safeguarding & Looked after children Family Support & Protection No 100%
Sakina Ashraf Authority January ‘17 R.E / Early Years Retired No 67%
Erline Phillips Co-opted March ‘19 R.E / Early Years Child Care Co-ordinator No 84%
Khalid Rashid Co-opted March ‘19
Resigned January 2016
Governor Training Link / Looked after children Business Continuity No 50%
Felecia Rose-Kane Resigned          
Ann Hurfurt Head Teacher (member)   NPW authorised representative¬† Education No 100%
Ainhoa Akinrele Parent January 2020   Health No 100%
Reshma Begum Staff Governor November 2019   Education No 100%
Kristin Luke Clerk to Governors (non-member)          

Governors may be contacted through the school.

Governors' Newsletter